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Child Adoption from Nepal

Child Adoption from NepalAdoption is an age old phenomenon in Nepal . This is the site which gives you right information about child adoption in Nepal . This site is open for your help for those who want to child adopt from Nepal and for those foreign organization who want to begin child adoption from Nepal.

Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world. Almost 60% of the population lives under the poverty line. Due to extreme poverty, in most of the cases, the babies are abandoned by their parents and these little God’s Gift get into an orphanage and they wait for someone loving and caring to get them into their sweet homes to let them enjoy their fundamental rights.

Child Adoption from NepalThere are lots of destitute children of both the sexes available for adoption in Nepal like in Bal Mandir – a state run orphanage. According to the adoption rules of the Government in Nepal, infertile couples married for four years or even single women, widow, divorcee are eligible to adopt a child. The age difference between the adopted child and the parent should be not less than 35 and not more than 55 years.

Only one child of each sex is allowed for adoption except in the cases of twins. If the willing adoptive parent has his/her own offspring, in that case, acceptance to adopt a child of another sex can be granted and in this case the adopted child should age less than the offspring.

Child Adoption from NepalAn application has to be submitted to adopt a Nepali son or a daughter. In case of married couples, the application should also include the infertility report, marriage certificate, family and economic condition statement, health, character certificates, copies of passport and visa and a letter of consent to adopt a Nepali child authorized by the officer of the concerned country.

In the case of unmarried, divorced, windowed single parent, a guarantee letter written by the government of his/her country or the Embassy of his/her country in Nepal has to be submitted confirming that he/she who is taking the child in adoption shall bear the whole responsibility including nourishment and education of the child including the authorized evidence.

Child Adoption from NepalUpon the approval of adoption, the child could travel to the country of the adoptive parents. Until the adopted child attains majority, the adoptive parent should inform the concerned orphanage, Royal Nepalese Embassy or Mission located in the concerned country and Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare of His Majesty's Government, in writing, on the child’s growth, diet, education and health every year.

The Nepalese Embassy or Mission will also, on the basis of the documents submitted by the adoptive parents and information sent by the Government of Nepal, submit a monitoring report confirming the growth, diet, education and health of the adopted son/daughter, until he/she attains majority, is in accordance with the conditions to the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare.

For more details information about Child Adoption and Tour in Nepal please  Contact Us

Who Can Adopt?
Nepal Law requires applicants to be matched with a male child if they already have a daughter and with a female child if they have a son. Childless couples and singles should be open to a child of either gender. Families already parenting a son and daughter are not eligible, under Nepalese rules.

Must be married 4 years and be infertile
Between 25-40 may adopt a child under 12 months
Between 41-50 will be assigned a child under 2
Between 51-55 will be assigned a child between 3 and 4

Single Women:
Between 35–40 may apply to adopt a child under 12 month
Between 41–50 will be assigned a child under 2
Between 51–55 will be assigned a child between 3 and 4
Exceptions may be made for foster care and older children.
3 year commitment to sponsor a child’s education at $80/year (school fees only), OR
1 year commitment to sponsor a child’s education at $800 (school and housing fess for boarding students)

Who Are the Children?
Most of the children are available for adoption because of poverty and social practices. Background information and health history on the child will be made available to the adoptive family, although the information may be limited. These children are of Asian decent.

Referral or Assignment Estimates:
The dossier is sent to Nepal immediately upon completion. A referral is received within 4–5 months. The first trip is 6 – 8 weeks after referral. The second trip is roughly 6 weeks after the first trip.

When visiting the orphanages in Nepal, the number of children available for international adoption is overwhelming. In general, Nepalese themselves do not usually adopt. Being very poor it is difficult for most families to financially support children. In addition, their culture has not yet become accustomed to adopting. Those Nepalese who are unable to have children due to medical reasons will sometimes adopt a relative’s child, but even this is considered a rarity.

For parents traveling to Nepal to bring their child home, it will be impossible not to be affected by the rich culture and breathtaking landscapes that Nepal has to offer. This makes the opportunity to adopt a wonderful way to bring this nobility and beauty into your home, making it a part of your family’s heritage as well.

Time frames
-Receiving a referral may be immediate after Home Study is approved in Nepal
-Travel for 1st trip takes place about 1 month after referral has been accepted and dossier is received in Nepal
-Travel for 2nd trip to receive child is about 7-8 months after first trip

-Parents must be married for at least 4 years
-Single women may also apply
-Adoptive parents must be at least 30 years difference from the adoptive child's age, and single woman must be between the age of 35 and 50.
-The maximum age for an applicant is 55
-All couples must prove infertility
-Couples who already have a child may only adopt a child of the opposite sex
from their first child
-Childless parents can adopt siblings (although siblings are rarely available)

-2 years to 15 years of age at the time of referral
-Sibling groups are rarely available
-Two unrelated children cannot be adopted together
-Waiting children 3 years old and up are available immediately!

Two Trips Required:
First trip is approx. 5 days
Second trip to pick up child is 12-14 days

For more details information about Child Adoption and Tour in Nepal please write us

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